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The Promenade at Wyomissing Square

100 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610

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Convenient Highway Access

The viability of the immediate neighborhood as a desirable place to both live and work is directly related to its highway access. Wyomissing Square is located on North Park Road, with easy connection to US Route 422 (an arterial highway connecting with Philadelphia in the east and Harrisburg to the west) as well as north Route 222 extending to the north to Allentown and the Lehigh Valley. The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Reading/Morgantown interchange is situated about 14 miles south of Reading.

Map of the Mid-Atlantic United States highlighting Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and its central location in South Eastern PA at the heart of the Northeast Mega-Region

Centrally located among area retail, residential, and employment hubs

The Promenade at Wyomissing Square is located in the heart of Wyomissing Borough at the intersection of Park Rd, Hill Ave, & Penn Ave just across the street from the VF Outlet Village.  The one-of-a-kind boutiques, bistros, & galleries along the West Reading Main Street section of Penn Ave are just a short walk away. The Reading Hospital & Medical Center is located just .5 miles down Park Rd on a 22-building, 33-acre campus with nearly 7,000 employees.  Wyomissing Square is also in direct proximity to Berks County’s most affluent residential neighborhoods which lie just across Penn Avenue in the areas surrounding the hospital.

Aerial satelite image of Wyomissing Borough that highlights Wyomissing Square Mixed-Use Center and the nearby VF Outlets, West Reading Main Street, Reading Hospital

Promenade at Wyomissing Square  located at the heart of areas retail, residential & employment hubs

VF Outlet Village

Aerial Photo of the Vanity Fair Outlet Village

VF Outlet VIllage a destination retail anchor

The area has long been known as an established destination retail district since the conversion of the Berkshire Knitting Mills into the 450,000 SF VF Outlet Village.  Growing from a single store in 1970, VF Outlet Village features more than 70 stores and is one of Greater Reading’s major tourist attractions. The outlets draw some 2 million visitors a year and generates nearly $50 million in Avg. Annual Sales volume.  These outlets have long been the staple of retail development in Greater Reading, and provide for a strong influx of day shoppers.  The proximity of VF Outlets just across the street will supply additional patronage from those seeking more conventional retail formats as the tenant mix at The Promenade will be anchored by high-end food & beverage with specialty shops & personal services in between.  It will offer a different shopping & dining experience and thus will not compliment rather than compete with VF.

Main Street West Reading

View of store fronts looking down sidewalk along Penn Avenue in West Reading, PA

Penn Avenue – West Reading Main Street

The Promenade at Wyomissing Square is just a short walk away from the Main Street style shopping and dining that can be found in Downtown West Reading’s unique mix of one-of-a-kind boutiques, bistros & galleries where over 200 small business line this one mile section of Penn Ave through West Reading and Wyomissing.  West Reading is a vibrant regional shopping destination and cosmopolitan hub known for specialty shops and a wide variety of dining experiences.  Special events such as Art on the Avenue and Fall Festival on the Avenue continue to grow in popularity every year.

Reading Hospital & Medical Center

Aerial view of the 22-building, 36-acre campus of the Reading Hospital & Medical Center in Wyomissing, PA

Reading Hospital – Berks County’s Largest Employer

The Promenade at Wyomissing Square is located just 0.4 miles down the road from the Reading Hospital & Medical Center – Berks County’s largest employer. (See top 10 employers here)  Over 6,900 employees including some 600+ staff positions work at this 22-building, 33-acre medical complex located just down the street. The new shops, restaurants, & services at The Promenade will be uniquely positioned to serve the hospital employees, patients, and visitors.

The location and design of The Promenade is intended to offer a fresh approach to retail and provide a product not currently present in the market.  It’s central location in the heart of Wyomissing Borough’s historic town center will offer a new more convenient retail and dining option for nearby residents, workers, and visitors alike  Click the following link to see how The Promenade at Wyomissing Square compares to competing shopping centers in the local market and learn about how the advantages of this unique retail site location go beyond traditional shopping center location metrics like traffic counts, co-tenancy, highway visibility, etc. (Promenade Retail Site Location Advantages Page)

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