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Local Community Input on Promenade Tenant Lineup

A few months back we posted  a question on The Promenade at Wyomissing Square Facebook Page asking our  fans, followers, and the local community what kind of tenants they would most like to see open at The Promenade.  We have used your feedback to help guide and inform our targeted retail tenant mix.  Below are the results for all responses that received at least 13 votes:

What store or restaurant would you want to see open a new location at The Promenade?

  • Wegmans – 585
  • Whole Foods Market – 276
  • Trader Joes – 186
  • Book Store – 80
  • Cheesecake Factory – 75
  • Non-Chain Restaurant – 56
  • Crate and Barrel – 41
  • Apple Store – 40
  • Joes Crab Shack – 29
  • Williams and Sonoma – 26
  • H&M – 25
  • Olive Garden – 25
  • IKEA – 22
  • Pottery Barn – 21
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill 18
  • Bonefish Grill 15
  • Upscale Boutique – 15
  • Homegoods – 13
  • Sephora – 13

(You can still vote for your favorite tenants HERE)

1,000+ Votes for Grocery Store Category

There were a total of 1,734 votes cast answering this poll question. The Grocery Store category received by far the most support with Wegmans, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes collectively garnering over 1,000 votes.  While this poll is obviously not scientific by any means, it nonetheless indicates the greater Wyomissing community’s overwhelming demand for a new upscale specialty grocery option.

Promenade ideal for a smaller format, upscale specialty grocer

The Promenade at Wyomissing Square is more of neighborhood/specialty retail center with a gross leaseable area of some 33,000 SF (50,000 SF including Viva) and is not nearly large enough to accommodate the space/parking needs of a large supermarket like Wegmans or Wholefoods.

Specialty Grocery Store fresh produce stand and gourmet food store

Fresh produce at DiBruno Brothers

However, it is the perfect venue for a smaller upscale specialty grocery tenant featuring quality fresh produce and a variety of prepared foods like a DiBruno Brothers for example.  We are actively pursuing potential tenants to meet this unmet demand and hope to make such a market a central piece of The Promenade’s tenant mix.

High-Quality Food & Beverage to Anchor Promenade

Other retail categories of not that received significant votes are restaurant tenants (218+) and home/furniture tenants (123+ votes).  Food & Beverage will play a key role in anchoring The Promenade as a fine dining restaurant, a bakery, and a coffee shop have already signed letters of intent to lease space with other restaurant/food uses to come. Size may be an issue for many big box furniture/home retailers, we will continue to target smaller format, boutique style tenants featuring home décor/furnishing products.

A big thanks to all of you who made you heard by answering our poll question.  Your feedback has been invaluable.  Stay tuned for more announcements about the future tenant lineup at The Promenade at Wyomissing Square.


  1. You asked what people what they most wanted to see in the shopping area, The people gave you their anwser, They want to see a Wegmans . All you did was get their hopes up then dash them. A smaller scale grocery store is not going to make them happy.

    • Thanks for commenting Monica, you make a valid point. Wegmans is an excellent supermarket, and would be a valuable amenity to the Berks County community. Unfortunately the space needs of a large format grocer like Wegmans are too great for The Promenade to accomodate as the typical store size ranges from 80,000 SF – 140,000 SF which far exceeds the 33,000 SF of gross leaseable space available at The Promenade. We are pursing a smaller format upscale specialty grocer that would provide a new option for local residents to purchase fresh produce and quality prepared foods in the absence of a Wegmans, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes, etc.

  2. Jamie Caron says:

    For all of the people (including myself) who would love to see a Wegmans come here it is not going to happen. I have been involved in the construction of two wegman stores in the PA area over the past 4 years and we do not fit their demographics. We are saturated with grocery stores already with GIANT, Redners, Weis, Aldi, and Bottom Dollar. I have spoken with their construction development departments and they will never go into a market with that much competition. Not to mention we also don’t fit some of their other criteria for a development area. I know there are many people ready to support the growth of the promenade and we look forward to the next steps! Good luck and continued success!

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